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New incentives to supercharge your trading

Bull Prophet was built to realign the incentive structures of crypto trading advice and create a network of crypto analysts that you can trust and that will help you succeed.

With the recent collapse of crypto prices, there is widespread loss, frustration, and pain in the crypto community. After listening to unproven crypto influencers on twitter and youtube, many traders took big losses and are learning the painful lesson that it is hard to trust crypto influencers for real information or ideas. Fake account screenshots and bragging about success isn’t resulting in good trades or gains for traders looking for advice. And even when influencers do make definitive recommendations, taking their advice and copy trading never ends up in gains.

Taking advice based on personality, ego, and fake performance just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The current incentive structure for these influencers is to exploit their followers for personal gain:


Influencers recommend a coin only
when they are ready to sell


They tell their followers to get in when they are getting out to use their followers for exit liquidity


Influencers hold back on real advice and act only in their own self interest at the expense of the traders following them

Incentive Structure

This has to change. Bull Prophet is here to change the incentive structure of crypto trading advice by:


Bringing transparency, accountability, and reliability to crypto trading advice


Lifting up real analysts and provide them with the credit they deserve


Giving influencers with real knowledge the opportunity to graduate from being an influencer to a crypto analyst, and stand on their skill and performance, rather than their personality


Calling out the scammers that are better at covering up their mistakes than making trades


Incentivizing influencers providing clear advice that’s in the best interest of their followers and getting compensated for it


Providing traders the first source of crypto trading advice that they can trust. Not based on faith but based on performance

Bull Prophet aligns the incentives of crypto analysts with your incentives so that you get in when an analyst gets in.

Don’t be crypto influencer exit liquidity. Find an ally in a Bull Prophet Analyst that will support you and guide you through the turbulence of crypto investing and make sure that you come out the other side with gains. The future of Crypto is bright. But we can only get there by realigning the incentive structure and making it a win / win for Analysts and traders like you


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