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You’re the crypto expert in your group of friends.
But do you want more?

That’s the story of a Bull Prophet co-founder and it could be your story too. But you need help to get there

Host Crypto Trading Room

So you’ve had some success trading Crypto and it has fired up your passion for the space. Your friends ask you for trading advice and maybe you have developed a real social media following interested in your thoughts

And while you are getting some love, there are a lots of other voices in crypto with big social media followings. Do you want a chance to prove yourself?

Are you ready to step up to the main stage and see how you stack up against the world’s best?

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It's all in your hands

Step up to the big stage and have the world know your name

Crypto Traders Leaderboard

Bull Prophet is the first and only structure to identify and rank the best Crypto minds in the world. If you are ready to make a name for yourself not with talk or follower counts but with performance and results, this is the place for you.


Bull Prophet is the international leaderboard of crypto traders. With the entire world trading the same coins, you have the opportunity to get global exposure, pick up a global following of subscribers, and become a household name in Crypto communities around the world. If you make it onto one of the leaderboards you will have thousands of subscribers headed your way and ready to pay. Are you ready to step on the big stage and plant your flag as one of the world’s best?

Knowledge = money

Stop giving away your crypto knowledge for free and start making big money

Not only will you get the credit you deserve, you will make a lot of money in the process. How much? Bull Prophet gives you the ability to set your own subscription price and the flexibility to change your subscription price. Use the tool below to set the price of your subscription and see how much you will make:

Number of followers
Set your monthly subscription price

You would earn between: $11,992 - $59,960/month*

Based on estimate of between 1% and 5% of your followers subscribing. Earnings figure does not include from tips and Paid messages.

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Show your skills and connect with your subscribers

In your Bull Prophet room, you will have the ability to chat directly with your subscribers and share your knowledge in different ways:


Investment Thesis

Share your crypto trading investment thesis with your subscribers


Educational Materials

  • Provide crypto trading education materials to subscriber Communication
  • Message board
  • 2 way chat
  • Youtube uploads / livestreaming
  • Podcast uploads

Paper Trading

  • You are given 10,000 fake USDT and allowed to buy and sell coins any coins in the Bull Prophet app using real time coin price data
  • Share your thoughts on the prospects for each coin you hold and coins that you don’t hold
  • Paper trading will later include shorting, staking, and farming coins

Coin Price Predictions

Submit price predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum


Research Reports

Provide PDF research reports to subscribers


Moonshot Picks

Highlight coins that you think will moonshot at some point

Are you ready to step on the big stage and plant your flag as one of the world’s best?

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Don't risk it

Make your fortune without putting your own money at stake

If you are ready to plant your flag and have the crypto traders of the world know your name, its time that you host a room on Bull Prophet. Whether you want to give it a try as a side hustle or you are confident with your crypto trading and ready to go all in, you can become rich by sharing your knowledge and supporting the industry. With the opportunity to make big money

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